Bright Memory Infinite: Review

Earth or any other imaginary Earth-like planet that has been invaded by an alien or alien-like creature at some time in the near or distant future; There is a hero as a survivor, he is fighting with various imaginary weapons against all those animals, as a bonus there are also some human enemies. There are many first person shooter games. Bright Memory Infinite is one of many games that features such stories, plots, and gameplay. This game has received a lot of praise for many reasons. Today we will review this game, we will try to say why the game deserves praise.

there may be some spoilers

Let's back up a bit first: Bright Memory Episode 1
On Steam, a single developer created a game called Bright Memory Episode One. The game's gameplay length was very short. Anyone could finish the game in 30-45 minutes. However, Bright Memory Episode One responded and gained popularity for other reasons. The game was created by a single developer, Zeng Xian Cheng (FYQD Studio) using Unreal Engine 4. The reason why the game got a lot of positive reviews, whether it was a single game or just a 30-minute game, was because of its graphics. eye-catching and his game of short duration.

Bright Memory Infinite: Review

The article may spoil the article if we talk about what's new now, but we'll start the discussion again during the Bright Memory Infinite gameplay discussion. Epic Games came, they financed this developer, and later an extended and improved version of Bright Memory came out, Infinite Brilliant Memory.

Why the game is unique - Bright Memory Infinite's unique game concept:
The most innovative part of the game is its gameplay. We have seen many games where the first person shooter feature, the use of various fictional weapons and gadgets, special tuktuk abilities and playable characters have been used. But the shining memory that has shown the new way is the simultaneous use of hack n slash or swords with these weapons. The anime progresses, the player takes aim at them while simultaneously throwing swords at them at regular intervals.

Basically, another type of character's next level melee skill has added a whole other dimension to the gaming experience. I mentioned earlier that regular use of sword with weapon enhances the fun a lot, this sword attack also has a lot of combos that can be upgraded with points, unlocked and power increased.

This sword can be used to stop enemy shots, repel them, and defeat them. There is also the attack lock function.

more special abilities:

In addition to the sword attack, combo mentioned above, the player has more special abilities, for example, there is a special force with which the anime can stand up and float in the air, there is another with which it can be forcibly thrown again or thrown away by force.

These abilities again have a few different types of combo that work on different buttons, in different positions, some of these can be found by default, others need to be unlocked.

The main fun of the game is basically using two special abilities at the same time, first throwing the sword to slow down the attacking enemy, then using the force to lift it up in the air while the anime is hanging while shooting or jumping. be used on the enemy in the situation.

history and duration:

The story length of Bright Memory Infinite is also very short. Anyone can finish it in an hour and a half or two. Being small, there is no such thing as a story. In the sky of a devastated city, something like a black hole can be seen, here the playable character is a girl named Shelia. She is portrayed as an agent, she is summoned to Director Chen's mission and then the game begins.

The target is there and the player has to move it from time to time, the target distance is given in hud and must be followed to move forward. It would be better to call the whole game a chapter instead of a separate chapter.

Since the game is not very big, it would be a mistake to think that there will be many unique and different types of weapons in the game from one and a half to two hours. However, you can try all the basic types of weapons. Pistol, Holographic Scope Assault Rifle, High Power Scoped Sniper Rifle, Shotgun. These are enough for small range games. Weapons again have different alternative ammo types that will provide many benefits in combat at different times. The experience, style, design and make these weapons beautiful enough for which the developer will be appreciated.

You will never have to use so much lack of ammo, because the ammo box can be found in different places in the environment.

Graphics, environment, optimizations:

There is nothing on the keyboard except praise for the game environment. It has been shown that many storms, clouds and winds blow in the sky. The player has to go through rivers, mountains, there are different types of ups and downs. You have to cross a large part of the water of the river or canal but there is no possibility of going down because the water is electrified. The clouds in the sky, the black hole has been beautifully painted. All in all, the developer has tried to show a strong environment. There is no presence of sunlight. Very dark, the whole environment is shown at night. Especially when it rains, the graphics look much better.

Natural light, artificial light and fire abounded, there was reflection. The graphics of the game are stunning in a word. Anyone who thinks the game is Crysis can make a mistake by playing at max graphics. Layers have details, shadowslighting, the presence of reflections. The game is the first to prove that anyone can be mistaken for a AAA game made by a popular developer. This indie developer game also supports Ray Tracing. Graphics that look beautiful without ray tracing, the beauty of the game goes to the next level when you turn on RT.

Another compliment is optimization. The game was Butter Smooth on my Ryzen 5 1600, RX 570 8GB, 8GB 3200Mhz Single Channel Memory. I played at 1080p on mixed settings, mostly between 60-70-75fps. I turned on Vsync and played at 60fps with no logs except in one or two demanding places with constant 60fps. In some demanding places, the frame rate drops to 35-45 for a while. Also, I got 60fps the rest of the time. Graphics quality on my PC's mixed settings was very, very good. The developer of this game deserves praise for running it so well despite the beautiful graphics.

Enemies and combat:

There are basically two types of enemies. One of the military forces that will shoot with different types of rifles, among them there is a special unit whose skill and more. The second type of enemy is the ninja, the assassin type. They use different types of power, they use shield swords, it's a bit hard to fight them. The enemies are always quite aggressive and offensive and as they are more numerous the player also has to play at a very fast pace with a lot of movement, quick decision making and a lot of responsiveness. Regular normal bullets with special ammo and special power, bullet block, melee block and their combination should be used. All in all, any player will enjoy this game.

There are several bosses that you won't go wrong calling a mini boss. At the end of the game there is a main boss. These complete the game.

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FYQD-Studio game developer, Playism publisher. Bright Memory Episode 1 releases in March 2020, Bright Memory Infinite releases in November 2021. Episode 1 is currently priced at ARS 104 on Steam Argentina and Infinite is priced at ARS 224. You can buy a package of 280 ARS buying two together. Bright Memory Infinite has 7/8 DLCs that cost between 14 and 30 ARS.

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buy bright memory infinite from steam


system Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64 bit(1903)
Processor: INTEL E3-1230v2 / AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX960(4G)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 13 GB available space
Additional Notes:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit(2004)
Processor: INTEL i7-4790K / AMD FX-9590
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX1060(6G)
DirectX: Version 12
Storage: 13 GB available space
Additional Notes: (Hight Ray Tracing):NVIDIA RTX 3080 / (Normal Ray Tracing):NVIDIA RTX 3060

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